Sir Nicholas Soames backs Rory Stewart

Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames has announced his support for Rory Stewart to become Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister.

GQ: If Conservative leaders were selected on their CV, Rory Stewart would win in a heartbeat

In GQ, Alkan Shenyuz writes that Rory "stands out from the crowd" and highlights his experience and vision for the country.

The Times: We need a standard bearer for the middle ground — it could be me

In an interview with The Times published on 13 April, Rory detailed how he would deliver Brexit and start a new chapter for Britain.

Sky News: Rory shares his vision for Britain's future

Watch Rory's interview with Sky News, where he outlines his vision for Britain's future and his plan to unite the party and the country.

Telegraph: Smart, capable and diplomatic: Rory Stewart is the leader the Tories — and the nation — needs

Ben Kelly writes in The Telegraph that Rory Stewart is the leader Britain needs to successfully implement Brexit and unite the country:

Daily Mail: My vision for a fair Britain

The Daily Mail reports on Rory Stewart's decision to run for leader of the Conservative Party:

Rory Stewart