David Gauke & Ken Clarke: Rory Stewart’s vision makes him the best choice for PM

In the Evening Standard, Justice Secretary David Gauke and Conservative MP for Rushcliffe Ken Clarke show how Rory Stewart will solidify the Conservative’s party’s reputation as economically competent:

Antoinette Sandbach: Why I am supporting Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart can bring the party and the country back together, Antoinette Sandbach, Conservative MP for Eddisbury, writes in The Times:

New polling shows Rory Stewart is the highest rated candidate with the public

When they hear the story, the country turns to Rory.

Two horse race between Rory and Boris

New data released by YouGov shows that Rory Stewart is the highest rated candidate for PM once awareness of each candidate is taken into account - with the highest net rating.

Rory Stewart on Peston

On ITV’s Peston show, Rory outlined his plan for delivering Brexit, noting that “It would be illegal… it would be unconstitutional and it would be undemocratic” to close down Parliament to force a No-Deal departure from the EU.

Politico: Rory Stewart shakes up Tory leadership race

Rory Stewart talks to Charlie Cooper about the momentum building behind his campaign and his fight for the “soul and heart” of the Conservative Party:

Rory Stewart: "I think I am picking up momentum..."

Rory spoke with Iain Martin on the Reaction podcast about Brexit, his economic principles, and the energy building behind his campaign:

Victoria Prentis outlines why she is voting for Rory Stewart for leader and Prime Minister

In an editorial for Conservative Home, Victoria Prentis, MP for Banbury, outlined the reasons behind her decision to vote for Rory as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister:

Bloomberg reports on Rory Stewart’s six-point economic plan

Bloomberg highlights Rory’s six-point economic plan and his strategy for ensuring stability through the EU exit process:

Rory Stewart’s Diary: My walk around Britain and why politicians must talk about love

In the New Statesman, Rory speaks about his efforts to meet with different communities across the country on his #RoryWalks tour:

Murdo Fraser: “Rory Stewart is my kind of Tory”

In The Scotsman, MSP Murdo Fraser puts his support behind Rory, stating that his approach to politics will be beneficial in charting a future for the Conservative Party:

Rory Stewart