Rory Stewart in Financial Times: Conservatism is founded in respect for tradition, restraint abroad and prudence at home

In an op-ed for the Financial Times, Rory lays out his plans for the UK’s financial sustainability:

Andrew Gimson: Rory Stewart is the star of the show

On Conservative Home Andrew Gimson praised Rory’s leadership campaign launch event last night:

The Telegraph: Rory Stewart gave a speech that blew his Tory leadership rivals out of the water

In The Telegraph, Michael Deacon describes Rory as “different from the other Tory leadership contenders in just about every significant way” after his leadership launch event last night:

Nicholas Soames in PoliticsHome: Why Rory Stewart is the one who should become PM

Nicholas Soames, Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, sees only one person who can sort Brexit, unite the Conservative party and restore Britain to a position of respect in the world:

Poll from BMG Research shows Rory Stewart is seen as most competent leadership candidate

The Independent reports on a new poll by BMG Research, which shows that Rory is seen as the most competent candidate for Conservative party leader.

New poll from Opinium Research shows Rory Stewart is tied for best potential prime minister

A new public poll from Opinium Research shows that Rory is tied for the best potential prime minister. Here’s what they said in their synopsis of the findings:

Sajjad Karim: Rory Stewart has what it takes to lead us through this great Brexit crisis

Rory Stewart has what it takes to lead the country through Brexit, former Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim writes in The Telegraph:

The Economist Asks: Who can lead Britain through Brexit?

Rory Stewart spoke with Anne McElvoy on The Economist Asks podcast about his plan for delivering Brexit:

The Economist: “The most interesting candidate for the Tory leadership”

Adrian Woodridge, political editor of The Economist, writes that Rory Stewart is providing the Tory party with a map and a compass:

Rory on Scotland: “I am passionately a unionist”

Rory spoke with the BBC on his vision for Scotland as part of the UK:

Rory Stewart