Time for some honest answers on Brexit

We're calling on Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove to provide some honest answers about their plans to deliver Brexit. Here are the key questions they must answer if they want to be trusted to lead Britain through Brexit as prime minister.

1. Do you promise to leave the EU by 31st October?

2. What specific parts of the Withdrawal Agreement do you seek to change?

3. Do you remain committed to the definition of a hard border that the UK and the EU agreed in December 2017?

4. Will you promise that you would never suspend parliament to force a no-deal Brexit through?

5. Will you pursue a No Deal Brexit?

6. So how would you deliver a no-deal Brexit against the consent of parliament?

7. If you will countenance No Deal, what tariffs should a sheep farmer in Enniskillen or a car manufacturer in Sunderland exporting to the EU expect to pay on day one of the new trading relationship?

8. Will you rule out a General Election this year, at all costs?

9. If your plan is to deliver Brexit by 31st October and you don’t succeed would you resign?

10. There are just 100 days between July 23 and October 31. Please set out your proposed timetable for renegotiation and legislation in that period?

Rory Stewart