The Sun: Rory Stewart vows to build TWO million new homes in five years if he becomes PM

Rory Stewart talks to Steve Hawkes, Deputy Political Editor of The Sun about his plan for a housing revolution that would see 2 million new homes built within five years:

Rory Stewart vows that if he made it to PM he would lead a £100billion housing revolution to end one of the "hundreds of injustices" facing voters. The Cabinet Minister insists the Tories have to create a new generation of new towns and 'lineal cities" along the Thames to match the Milton Keynes, Basildon and Corby 60-70 years ago.

He told The Sun: "It would be a programme to transform the lives of young people."

"It would follow the Milton Keynes model, with a mix of homes to sell or rent. We could have 'lineal cites' built along the Thames or Mersey with trees, parks and fast transport connections."

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Rory Stewart