The Telegraph: "I'm the one who can actually win back marginal seats"

The Telegraph reports on Rory’s travels across the country, highlighting the momentum that has built behind his campaign for leader of the Conservative Party:

While other leadership contenders have focused their efforts on the tea rooms of Westminster, Mr Stewart has gone to the public, calling on people to meet him and challenge his views…

Asked if he would not be better off concentrating his efforts on winning over MPs for now, he said: “I have to go out to convince the 141 MPs who have not yet decided how to vote. I need to demonstrate to them that I am the only one who can get a mass youth vote, I’m the only one who can actually win back marginal seats. They won’t feel that just sitting with me in Parliament.”

It appears to be paying off. Sitting in a cafe in Wigan he took a call from a Brexiteer Tory MP who has pledged his support – someone Mr Stewart said he didn’t expect to bring across. What tipped the balance? “He was beginning to see a social media breakthrough.”

Mr Stewart launched a public fundraising campaign, raising £22,000 in the first nine hours.

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Rory Stewart