Telegraph: “Is Rory Stewart about to give the Tory party its Emmanuel Macron moment?”

In The Telegraph, Daniel Capurro writes that Rory “appears to have what Americans call “Big Mo” – momentum.”

Enthusiastic; an accomplished and compelling public speaker who answers questions directly; at ease with the public and with a backstory that, while far from rags to riches, makes for a great story, Mr Stewart has all the foundations for a successful political career.

Briefly a soldier, Mr Stewart also spent several closely-guarded years at the Foreign Office, governed two Iraqi provinces in the wake of the 2003 invasion and walked across Asia before writing a bestselling book about it. But it’s his impromptu walkabouts in places such as Barking, Wigan and Kew Gardens, combined with savvy social media use, that have shown his true potential as a campaigner.

A video of Mr Stewart explaining why he believes a no-deal Brexit is a bad idea has been watched more than two million times on Twitter, while his almost constant stream of often humorous posts gain far more engagement than the usual anodyne output of his colleagues.

In the UK he has become the second most googled candidate behind only Mr Johnson. Right now, however, the race to be the next prime minister is about winning over colleagues. And Mr Stewart has the tools to do that too.

Most importantly, he has the thinking to back up the talking. As one Cabinet minister told The Telegraph: “Whenever he speaks in Cabinet everyone else sits up and listens, because he has original ideas.”

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Rory Stewart