The Spectator: With life experience most could only dream of, Rory's the best person to bring the party and the country together

In The Spectator, Ian Acheson highlights how Rory's life experience and achievements make him the best person to bring the party and the country together:

He is different from the herd of other contenders. He was the most morally and intellectually engaged ‘minister for Sisyphus’ in many a year. He relished difficult office in an authentic crisis and took hold of the agenda persuading the most cynical of audiences he was for real. That persuasive moral acuity will be essential to any leader hoping to bring party and country together. It could also be a game changer in Brussels. They aren’t terribly used to polymaths on the other side of the negotiating table. Or people who once ran a province in Iraq. It might be enough…

120,000 conservative members like me will soon turn their lonely eyes to the candidates emerging from the first stage of our leadership contest. Some of these candidates apparently believe that in order to save the Conservative party it will be necessary to destroy it. Others won’t even need that excuse. A poor choice might well herald five years of Venezuela lite. The stakes could not be higher. Rory Stewart is a paradox – he lacks the dubious star quality of many of the big beasts parading through the studios, yet has life experience and achievements they could only dream of. I’ve seen it – he’s a good man in a tight spot. He’ll get my vote.

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Rory Stewart