Telegraph: Smart, capable and diplomatic: Rory Stewart is the leader the Tories — and the nation — needs

Ben Kelly writes in The Telegraph that Rory Stewart is the leader Britain needs to successfully implement Brexit and unite the country:

As leader, not only would he implement Brexit, he would do so with optimism and determination to make a success of it...

Whoever wins the election then has the far more difficult task of uniting the country. A divisive leader cannot do this, a voice for the pragmatic middle can.

Beyond Brexit, this is a man who wants to improve the country and takes the long view. ‘The big question for Britain is not really what could I do if I was prime minister in five, ten years — but what does the country look like in a hundred years? If I were lucky enough to be prime minister, I’d want to do a lot of things you wouldn’t see the results of while I was there.’

This kind of long-term thinking is exactly what Britain needs. When we leave the EU, the British state will need rebuilding as we take back control of multiple areas of governance. To invest in the future, we need policies that may not bear fruit within a single parliamentary term. That’s always a difficult ask for politicians who want quick results to shout about before the next election. Airport runways, 5G networks, alleviating regional disparities, cleaner air, better roads, these are goals that will take time to achieve. As are new trade agreements for that matter.

Rory Stewart has said that if he were PM for the day, he’d be tempted to gather every civil servant in London in Hyde Park and put out a sign that said, ‘Britain wasn’t built in a day’. Is there a better mantra for a leader of Brexit Britain as it begins anew and rebuilds?

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