Sajjad Karim: Rory Stewart has what it takes to lead us through this great Brexit crisis

Rory Stewart has what it takes to lead the country through Brexit, former Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim writes in The Telegraph:

As a relatively new person to politics and government, Rory can bring a fresh, serious approach that can get things done. As we have all seen on his social media in the past week he also brings a more engaging and human side to politics, which has real appeal across party divides and to the wider UK public.

He is a man with a proven past of delivery. Wherever he has gone and whatever the challenge - whether in the army, as a governor of a war-torn province in Iraq or as flooding or environment Minister - Rory has got things done. And he has done that with decency and discipline.

He has also been brave enough to rule out a no-deal Brexit, which apart from being the realistic and majority position in the House, gives the people and British business clarity and a clear understanding of the direction he wants the country to take.

Elect Rory and we have a chance at solving this Brexit riddle. He will get Brexit done.

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Rory Stewart