Rory Stewart in Financial Times: Conservatism is founded in respect for tradition, restraint abroad and prudence at home

In an op-ed for the Financial Times, Rory lays out his plans for the UK’s financial sustainability:

If I am lucky enough to be chosen as the next UK prime minister, my priority will be to secure the long-term sustainability of Britain’s public finances.  So, although I have made my priorities clear — above all in education, productivity and broadband and infrastructure in the north of the country — I am not committing any money until it is clear that there is money is available. And I am not promising tax cuts.

I will set clear rules to maintain discipline in spending. [...] Ultimately, the stability of the public finances rests on one thing: a sustainable path for public- sector net debt. I will, therefore, introduce a new and simpler fiscal rule: that public-sector net debt as a percentage of GDP will decline each year over the three years of the next spending review.

My second priority will be comprehensive tax reform. [...] Reform is required to level the playing field between physical and online businesses; to accommodate the extraordinary growth of self- employed workers; and to use the tax system to encourage saving, investment, and the creation of a socially and environmentally-sustainable economy.

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Rory Stewart