Politico: Rory Stewart shakes up Tory leadership race

Rory Stewart talks to Charlie Cooper about the momentum building behind his campaign and his fight for the “soul and heart” of the Conservative Party:

In a campaign where many of the other candidates are vying for the most uncompromising approach to Brexit, Stewart’s pitch is unorthodox. But he says he thinks it captures something about the different choices on offer: what he sees as his Brexit pragmatism — he supports the deal May struck last year with the EU — versus disruptive no-deal radicalism.

“I think [other candidates] are oddly pursuing policies that don’t seem to resonate with the tradition of our party,” he says. “I think we’re a party of deals. So, it’s extraordinary that we could become a party of no deal. We are the great pragmatists … a patriotic vision of Britain isn’t a no-deal Brexit.”

“I’m fighting for the soul and heart of the Conservative Party,” he says with zeal. “I don’t think the Conservative Party is a party of extremists or populists, and I think I’ll demonstrate that through this election campaign.”

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Rory Stewart