Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail: Rory is “the breath of fresh air that the Conservative Party and Britain need”

Peter Oborne writes that Rory Stewart, almost alone among the leadership candidates, is genuinely interested in what voters around Britain have to say.

While all the other candidates are still in thrall to the politics of manipulation — I’d even suggest that some had their personality surgically removed at an earlier point in their career — Mr Stewart is a human being. Over this past week he has been travelling around Britain talking to voters. He’s genuinely interested in what they have to say.

To those who have not seen them, I’d recommend checking the online videos of Mr Stewart in Barking, Wigan, Warrington, Edinburgh and other places across the UK. He is not the old style of politician who patronises voters. He really does listen to them.

Mr Stewart is emerging as the perfect antidote to that poisonous New Labour discourse. He is trying something new and wonderful in attempting to re-engage public interest in politics.

Mr Stewart is still the outsider in the Tory leadership contest, but he’s already done politics an enormous favour by introducing a new language and approach. He’s the breath of fresh air that the Conservative Party and Britain need.

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Rory Stewart