We're not going to be able to leave with no deal is the truth that nobody is sharing: Rory Stewart tells LBC

During a phone-in with Nick Ferrari, Rory engaged with callers about his plans to resolve Brexit and unite Britain. 

Watch the video or read some of the highlights below.

Highlights from LBC:

Rory Stewart told this Brexit voter that the only way the UK could leave the EU is with a deal.

The Conservative leadership candidate was challenged by a caller on why he had ruled out a no-deal Brexit during a phone-in with Nick Ferrari. And Mr Stewart insisted any candidate who claimed that we could renegotiate the Brexit deal or leave without one is simply not telling the truth.

He said: "We're not going to be able to leave with no deal is the truth that nobody is sharing. Parliament is not going to pass no-deal. The quickest, most sensible way of leaving the European Union is to do it through a deal that works for the economy.”

Mr Stewart's idea is a "Brexit Assembly", a jury of normal people selected from across the UK who would take expert testimony on Brexit and come up with a recommendation to parliament. "This unlocks the tension," he claimed. "It's people who are not party political."

He even came up with a name for someone to chair to assembly: "Somebody like the Archbishop of Canterbury."

Listeners were impressed with his idea.

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