Nicholas Soames in PoliticsHome: Why Rory Stewart is the one who should become PM

Nicholas Soames, Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex, sees only one person who can sort Brexit, unite the Conservative party and restore Britain to a position of respect in the world:

To leave without a deal would be madness. I believe passionately in Britain and I believe in the Conservative Party’s long-established duty to Britain. I believe that every country in the world must deal with every other and that there is no future in simply storming from the room and slamming the door and hoping that everything will be alright.

This approach offers nothing. We need to beat Farage, and we need to beat the Liberal Democrats and Corbyn’s Marxist wreck of a Labour Party by being better than them. Not by being afraid or by deluding and fooling people into thinking that we can do the impossible.

Many of my colleagues are putting their names forward for leadership. They do so for the very best of reasons. They want to serve Britain. But of those who have come forward I can see only one person who stands well above the rest; someone who can sort Brexit, unite our Party and restore Britain to a position of respect in the world. That person is Rory Stewart.

Rory is the candidate who has the potential to win big majorities by broadening the reach of the Conservatives - appealing to young people, disillusioned ex-Labour voters and those crying out for decency and dependability – a man the voters can trust. Again and again, I hear the message – on social media, by email and in person – that Rory is the only Conservative that those disillusioned with politics and desirous of change will vote for. He is a man, as he has said, in the business of building bridges, not burning them; making friends, not enemies and telling it straight to the voters. Our country needs to solve Brexit and move on, and under Rory's leadership, we shall.

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