New polling shows Rory Stewart is the highest rated candidate with the public

When they hear the story, the country turns to Rory.

Two horse race between Rory and Boris

New data released by YouGov shows that Rory Stewart is the highest rated candidate for PM once awareness of each candidate is taken into account - with the highest net rating.

And looking at the percentage who say a candidate would make a good PM on this measure, it’s a clear two-horse race between Rory and Boris.

% good PM:

Rory Stewart: 30%
Boris Johnson: 29%

Sajid Javid: 26%
Dominic Raab: 25%
Andrea Leadsom: 25%
Jeremy Hunt: 20%
Michael Gove: 19%
Esther McVey: 19%
Matt Hancock: 17%

This is the best measure of popularity, as it doesn’t rely on pre-existing awareness - which is obviously higher for more established candidates. And it is the most accurate measure because, as we move towards the final 2, the candidates will be better known.

And, even when looking regardless of awareness, Rory Stewart has seen the greatest improvement over the last week.

This comes after private polling showed that Rory Stewart is the best candidate on 20 of 24 attributes.

A campaign source said: “This evidence shows that the more the country hears from Rory, the more they like. He is the best candidate to win a General Election and reach across the divide - and the best candidate to take on Boris in the final two.”



Notes and methodology
- ‘Don’t Know Enough’ was removed from the data to show the views of the public who were aware of each candidate, to produce an informed score.
- Full data:

Rory Stewart