New poll from Opinium Research shows Rory Stewart is tied for best potential prime minister

A new public poll from Opinium Research shows that Rory is tied for the best potential prime minister. Here’s what they said in their synopsis of the findings:

Our latest research has shown that amongst those who have heard of each of the candidates, the two contenders seen as the best potential prime minister are Rory Stewart and Boris Johnson. When we dig down into the key traits that each candidate is perceived as having, Rory Stewart appears to have the broadest range of positive traits of any of the candidates.

Polling expert James Endersby, CEO of Opinium said:

“Rory Stewart is proving to be the surprise success story of the Tory leadership race at this early stage. He is the only contender with more positive than negative perceptions from the general public as a whole... Rory Stewart is more popular amongst those who voted Labour and LibDem in 2017, so he could be a good option for Conservatives who want their leader to reach out across the political divide come the next general election.”

This chart breaks down voters’ perceptions of each candidate:

The polling showed that Rory is the only candidate with more positive than negative perceptions:

Crucially, it also showed that Rory is seen as the best potential prime minister by several key groups, demonstrating that he has the wide base of support crucial to a general election victory:

There are many steps between here and Downing Street, and more still if we are to truly transform our society, our environment and our relations with each other.

The first of those steps is for Conservative MPs to vote to put Rory through to the final two candidates so that party members can have their say on the kind of prime minister and future they want. Please write to your Conservative MP today.

Rory Stewart