Daily Mail: My vision for a fair Britain

The Daily Mail reports on Rory Stewart's decision to run for leader of the Conservative Party:

Cabinet minister Rory Stewart last night vowed to tackle Britain’s ‘everyday injustices’ as he launched his bid for No10...

Outlining his vision for the future of the country post-Brexit, Mr Stewart, 46, said: ‘A great Conservative government isn’t just big flashy ideas that hit the headlines.

‘It’s about sweating a thousand small details and addressing the things that really matter in people’s lives.’

The father-of-two, who was previously prisons minister, said he was the ideal candidate to replace Theresa May and deliver Brexit if she failed to get her new deal through.

Speaking ahead of the European election results, he said he would unite the Conservative Party, get a Brexit deal through the Commons, and save the country from Jeremy Corbyn in power...

Mr Stewart, the son of an MI6 intelligence officer, said he believed the Conservative Party was about having ‘community and values at its heart’ and a ‘sense of fairness’.

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Rory Stewart