John Rentoul highlights Rory Stewart as one of the clear winners in the first round vote

John Rentoul writes in The Independent that Rory Stewart is one of the clear winners today:

Apart from Johnson, the main winner of this first round of the contest is Rory Stewart, the international development secretary. He has fought the most unusual campaign that has struck a chord with the general public, especially the non-Tory part of it, and has been most willing to insist on facing the party with the hard choices involved if Brexit proves to be undeliverable.

Immediately after the vote, Stewart threw down a gauntlet for Johnson, who has refused to rule out suspending parliament in order to force through a no-deal Brexit: ”If Boris Johnson dared to lock the doors of parliament, we would bring him down.”

He even suggested parliament would meet in Methodist Central Hall, on the other side of Parliament Square, if prime minister Johnson tried such a thing.

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Rory Stewart