Interview with the Financial Times

Rory Stewart sat down with the Financial Times to discuss his campaign and his plan to build a green, fair and united Britain:

“Candidates that are advocating a no-deal Brexit as well as tax cuts will — in one afternoon in October — lose us a reputation that we have spent 300 years building up.”

Instead, he promises more funds for schools and the police “within the bounds of a fiscal policy that keeps our debt low”, together with attempts to improve people’s skills throughout their working lives and a simplification of the tax code.

In a call to boost the Northern Powerhouse policy championed by George Osborne, the former chancellor, he wants better rail connections between Leeds and Manchester.

He also wants to “restore faith in capitalism by giving everyone a stake in the economy”, proposing that the government sell off most of its remaining 62 per cent stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland to individuals, not institutions. RBS was nationalised during the financial crisis.

“It is a tragedy that individual share ownership has fallen from 43 per cent under [Margaret] Thatcher to 13 per cent today,” he said.

If you support Rory’s vision for Britain’s future, please encourage your Conservative MP to put him through to the final two candidates for leader.


Rory Stewart