Evening Standard: Rory Stewart promises alternative to ‘fairy stories’

Speaking at his leadership campaign launch, Rory promised to be honest and prudent when handling Brexit as Prime Minister:

"One of the fundamental things that distinguishes my campaign from the other campaigns is I do not believe in promising what we cannot deliver.

"I do not believe in pretending that you are going to get some new deal out of Europe by October 31, I don't believe in pretending that there is something called no deal which you are able to drive through parliament, I don't believe in promising money we don't have.

"Nobody can get no-deal through Parliament, because we, including me, will stop no-deal going through Parliament.

"My opposition to No-Deal is unwavering - the best and securest way to take No-deal of the table is to vote for me to be our next Prime Minister."

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Rory Stewart