David Gauke: “Rory has that ability to connect with the public”

The Guardian reports on David Gauke’s pitch for his colleagues to join him in backing Rory Stewart for Conservative party leader and Prime Minister:

[David] Gauke said colleagues who wanted to properly challenge Johnson should back Stewart because of his engagement with the public, demonstrated in a campaign which has been dominated by shaky, hand-held videos of Stewart meeting members of the public in different cities.

“Here, there is a comparison to be made with Boris – Rory has that ability to connect with the public, he has got that authenticity that the public respond to really well and he is the one capable of causing surprises,” said Gauke.

“It’s very clearly going to be Boris versus someone else. Boris is the overwhelming favourite. Rory is an unconventional candidate and he is the only one who could pull off a surprise. He is the only other candidate that people are talking about in the supermarket queues.”

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