David Gauke & Ken Clarke: Rory Stewart’s vision makes him the best choice for PM

In the Evening Standard, Justice Secretary David Gauke and Conservative MP for Rushcliffe Ken Clarke show how Rory Stewart will solidify the Conservative’s party’s reputation as economically competent:

Our reputation for fiscal discipline was crucial to our party’s election victory in 2015. And if we do not make the case for sound public finances, who will? We will be much better placed to take on Jeremy Corbyn’s profligacy if we take fiscal discipline seriously ourselves.

Thankfully, there is a candidate taking a sensible approach to the damaging impact of no-deal. Rory Stewart has been open with the British people that this will hurt our prosperity.

He has also been forthright in saying we cannot throw away our commitment to the sensible management of the public finances as a means to deliver sustainable increases in prosperity. It demonstrates a willingness to face facts and a seriousness of purpose that makes him the best choice to be our next prime minister.

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Rory Stewart