Andrew Gimson: Rory Stewart is the star of the show

On Conservative Home Andrew Gimson praised Rory’s leadership campaign launch event last night:

Rory Stewart gave the best speech so far at a leadership launch. He spoke in a circus tent between the London Eye and the railway running in to Charing Cross, the rumble of commuter trains helping his performance to sound connected to everyday life.

Stewart reminded me a bit of David Cameron, speaking without notes at his launch in 2005 and managing to convey a greater sense of possibility than David Davis had been able to achieve earlier the same morning.

It is difficult to make compromise sound attractive. Stewart managed to do so. He said he wanted “an energy of prudence – a very unfashionable word – I’ve come here because I believe in prudence.”

Here is a man who wants to inspire us to do better. He spoke of “the energy of shame” – the way we should feel that our prisons are “not good enough”, so we must do something about them.

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Rory Stewart