Rory Stewart OBE is the Member of Parliament for Penrith and The Border – the largest geographical constituency in England. He is currently the Secretary of State for International Development and has served with distinction as Chair of the Defence Select Committee, and as a Minister at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Department for International Development.

His achievements in government include leading the response to the 2015 floods, introducing the plastic bag tax, driving through a new British strategy for Africa, tackling violence and drugs in British prisons, and reshaping the Department for International Development to focus on climate change and the environment.

While he was first elected as an MP in 2010, Rory’s whole life has been dedicated to public service. It is this ethos – instilled by his father – that has guided him throughout his career. Before becoming an MP, Rory was a Foreign Office diplomat, a bestselling author, an explorer, an award-winning documentary maker, a Deputy Governor Coordinator of two Iraqi provinces, a charity founder and CEO, and a Professor at Harvard.

This experience – both within and outside government – has prepared him with the skills and expertise required to successfully deliver Brexit and unite the party and the country. He has a clear and achievable vision for Britain’s future, which includes strengthening the Union, investing in crucial infrastructure like broadband to spur economic growth, building millions more homes, and ending the thousands of everyday injustices that people face, from hospital car parking charges to rip off fees.

Rory is the only candidate who can bring the country together and win back the voters who left the Conservatives at the last General Election. His vision for Britain’s future provides a strong counter to Jeremy Corbyn, who presents a real danger to our economy, our values and our country.

Read a letter from Rory outlining his plan to deliver Brexit, beat Jeremy Corbyn, unite the country, and get things done.

Rory Stewart